Noreena Jasper Tumbled Stone


Noreena Jasper is a Western Australian material that is new to the Industry in the last year or so. We have had a handful of items that we have been able to procure for you, and we are so excited to now have these beautiful palm stones to offer!

After beginning to meditate with these stones, it became pretty evident that they are good for grounding and making you feel stable emotionally, and we believe they are good for helping you heal from situations that you are getting out of that were holding you back from moving on or reaching your potential.

 Every time I allow myself to peer into the depth of these beautiful stones, I feel the ignition of new energy and passion, and how large fires starts so small, branching out quickly in different directions. As a whole, this is a stone to remind you that you are free to move and pivot in your life, and sometimes the direction you start out on will not be the same journey you end up on. Moving and changing is a way of life, and like fire, it can bring new limitless potential.

I can't wait for you to start working with this material! This listing is for one tumbled stone.