Orbicular Sea Jasper "Jaguar Stone" Tumbled Stones


Sea Jasper, sometimes also referred to as Orbicular Jasper, or even Jaguar Stone, is a variety of jasper which contains variably-colored orbs or spherical inclusions in a range of colors. In other places around the world, it has been referred to as owyhee jasper, ocean jasper, oregonite, kinradite, and even poppy jasper. This particular sea jasper was mined along the intertidal shores of northeast Madagascar, so you will see us differentiate this "sea jasper" from our other "ocean jasper" stones.

Sea Jasper is an incredible stone for working with animal communication abilities. This stone is deeply connected to Shamanism, and thus you may find that after working with this stone frequently, your dreams will reveal to you what your animal spirit totem is. Everyone has an assigned power animal, and once you are aware of what it is, you can start calling upon that animal in your spiritual work to assist you. Sea Jasper, or orbicular jasper, is also very powerful for aiding you in out of body experiences and deep meditative state work, so keep this stone with you if you are working on past life regression. Path working and dream journaling are much more successful when you have this powerful protection stone with you. Many have reported that through working with this stone they are able to move forward in personal growth and spiritual development, as it is a supreme nurturer stone, harnessing much of the mother gaia energy, allowing you to feel safe and experience wholeness and oneness with the universe.

This listing is for one orbicular sea jasper tumbled stone, which we will select for you.