Coffee-Peach Moonstone Tumbled Stones


Coffee or Peach Moonstone is very special, because it possesses not only the magical metaphysical properties of moonstone, but is more geared to feminine empowerment. It brings emotional healing, balancing your emotions, and help with manifesting and harnessing your hidden goddess potential. Bringing your true potential, the goddess inside you, to the forefront, as a part of your life. 

These pretty moonstone hues are a bit of smoky peach coffee, and serve as a powerful sacral chakra activator. Work with this stone when you want to experience healing that activates both your desires, passions, and fulfilment of your dreams - but also incorporate emotional work and your feelings into it! It is often that our own emotions are held separate from the work we are doing, but whenever I work with peach moonstone, there is a gentle nudge of holding my own emotions in a healing container, and allowing them space to heal with me while I work. I hope that when you work with this magical stone, you will be able to feel the gentle emotional healing that it possesses as well.

This listing is for one peach moonstone tumbled stone, which we will select for you.