Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz Point


This powerful crystal helps us integrate our past with our present, allowing us to pull ourselves together into our one, whole being, and is encoded with the ancient wisdom of the Lemurians, who have encoded their wisdom, lessons, and knowledge into crystals for us to unlock and tap into.

This interdimensional crystal healing tool is wisdom within itself. Capable of being found by future civilizations, these of the ancient teachings of the Lemurians, hidden around the earth for later discovery. Rub your fingers across the generator, close your eyes, and meditate with one of these pieces. Allow activation of your soul star chakra, when you start working with these incredible pieces to access the teachings of the Lemurian realm.

This pink Lemurian crystal holds pink phantom inclusions within it, created by a dusting of hematite and an outer layer of kaolinite. This is a journeying crystal, capable of helping you access greater realms through portals called on by higher intuition.

This listing is for one pink Lemurian crystal point.