Polychrome Desert Jasper Tumbled Stones



Often also referred to as Desert Jasper, this incredibly unique stone is a powerhouse of grounding energy that I love using in my healing work. A stone of nurturing, as all Jasper stones are, this stone works directly on your root chakra energy area to promote mental, physical and spiritual balance and stability, connecting you through your root chakra to source, or Gaia's loving embrace, and offering you support during times of stress and tribulation. I really consider this a whole self wellness stone, perfect for path-working and shamanic journeying, as well as connecting you mentally to simpler times and peaceful comfort within yourself. I recommend getting two of these stones, one to hold in each of your hands while you are meditating and when you are falling asleep at night. Keep a dream journal next to your bed so that when you wake you can write the messages of your elder spirits and ancestors in a place where you can interpret and thinking more in depth about later.

This listing is for one polychrome jasper tumbled stone, which we will select for you.