Raw Epidote



In the metaphysical world, epidote is the stone of prosperity, increasing abundance and “all the things.” The etymology of the word epidote means “to increase or addition” and generally speaks to its ability to increase the things you seek. In my work, I use it for a variety of reasons, but predominately when I feel like the person I am working on (or me) is really needing to break cycles of negative thinking – specifically because it reminds me that I AM when I think about and that I am creating my own reality. Second to that, I find that it’s a stone of reducing the baggage of extra crap that I energetically carry around with me that gets heavy over time. We don’t need to carry the baggage of so many people, places and things. They weigh us down, and they also cause us unnecessary physical manifestations. Epidote is a powerful grounding stone, that works directly on the heart chakra, and is a good aid in crystal healing for anyone dealing with thyroid, liver, adrenal gland or gallbladder issues. It has a healing and protective energy about it, that really makes it a multi versatile stone for energy work.

This listing is for one raw stone.