Raw Green Calcite



Green calcite is an incredibly deceiving stone because it has such an incredible powerhouse of healing potential within it. There are very few healing grids I set up that don't have a piece of green calcite somewhere on it, as green calcite is a must have stone for anyone that does healing work on any level. If you are working through issues that need forgiveness, compassion, or self love, this an excellent stone to incorporate into your meditation ritual. This stone gives you the reminder that you need to appreciate the flaws that make you uniquely yourself. Compassion needs to be given not only to others, but also to ourselves, and much like rose quartz, green calcite does not let you forget it.

Obtaining a new, positive outlook, and renewing, or even finding, your sense of purpose, can be more easily achieved with this stone. This is an extremely calming, soothing stone, so it is excellent to place in your home or workplace. Even place a piece of it in your car if you deal with a frustrating traffic commute daily! When working with this stone, healing will be on a body, mind and soul level all in tandem, so issues of healing that come from our cellular memory is tackled at the same time!

This listing is for one raw piece of green calcite.