Raw Kambaba Jasper



The "Kambaba Stone" is a unique, rare form of Jasper which is mined along the South Africa Rift, between Africa and Madagascar. It's African counterpart is most commonly referred to as "crocodile jasper" and we have are pleased to have both types for you to choose from. This is a rare type of stromatolite jasper that is incredibly mesmerizing to look at! This stone is a highly sought after Shaman stone, protecting the healer and grounding you to source during ritual work. Calming to the emotions, this stone helps to provide you insight into complicated situations, and comforts you during times of stress and tribulation. Like smoky quartz, this stone will absorb negative energy to keep it away from you, and protect your from psychic attack. Shamans for ages have worn Jasper with the belief that it holds solar energy that they can use during pathworking and journeying. Kambaba Jasper is extremely useful for cleaning and aligning your chakras, and is believed to help block harmful electromagnetic radiation. If you tend to be someone that obsesses over things, this is the stone for you, as it promotes balance of your emotions and rational thinking. This is a base chakra healing and strengthening stone, which also works well with awakening and unblocking your kundalini energy so it can move up and align all other chakra centers in your body.

This listing is for one raw stone.