Raw Larvikite



This is an extremely magical stone that I personally use a lot now. Larvikite is mined in Norway, which is specifically where we source this stone. We truly believe in trying to give our business directly to the regions of the world that work hard to produce these stones, and we also have the chance of getting the highest quality products by going this route. Larvikite is a powerful psychic development and intuition stone, and it's ability to sharpen your awareness to all things metaphysical is almost unsurpassed. This is also a killer stone to keep with you if you are processing feelings of hatred or anger. Many of us don't want to admit when we are suffering from anger issues, but honestly, this is a little helper that you can grab onto and it will force you to process the situation from a much more analytical standpoint, rather than one from a place of emotional trauma and stress. If you are struggling with burdens and worries, and your mind is not feeling clear, then you cannot work on your psychic abilities properly, and you will not be able to receive the messages that your spirit guides need to get across to you in order to propel you forward and let the shit go that's holding you back!

This listing is for one raw stone.