Raw Natural Mexican Orange Calcite


These gemmy orange calcite natural chunks come from Mexico, and are crazy potent in their ability to cleanse, balance and unblock the Sacral and Root Chakras. The Sacral Chakra is your pleasure center, where all your passion and creativity comes from. These are stones of possibility, endurance, igniters of passion, rekindlers of energy and desire. Orange calcite acts as a magnifying glass for your passionate energies. All that you desire, both physically and emotionally, can be manifested and brought closer to attainment when you work with this powerful sacral stone. Place one of these large jumbo orange calcite pieces near your bed and you will likely notice that your ability to "feel" more intimacy and pleasure than before is evident. If you are a writer or creator, place one of these where you work, and you will notice that your creativity will start flowing much better again!

This listing is for one orange calcite raw stone.