Raw Ocean Jasper


These Ocean Jasper are so spectacular because each one has it's own coloring and unique patterning, making no two of them identical! This is one of the few stones that I would consider to be an overall happiness stone. It promotes calming an overactive or worrisome nervous system, relieves stress, and allows the heart to accept and give love. This stone has been well known to reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation, making it a natural aid needed by many of us! Ocean Jasper is becoming depleted, so please grab one of these beautiful stones for your collection while you still can. These beautiful pieces were mined from a particular region in Madagascar, and we have hand selected the prettiest pieces for you! We turn down a lot of the Ocean Jasper material that is offered to us from the mine due to it's lack of color (hence the issues of depletion of the better pieces), and we have selected just these pieces for their beauty, quality and patterning.