Raw Prasiolite


Finding the highest quality gemstones with the most pure metaphysical properties so you can obtain the highest benefit possible when you use it in your healing and ritual work, is the highest priority of ours, so we are proud to have found such exquisite gemstones and have been able to obtain it at a price point where we could offer it to you at a cost you can afford! Prasiolite is a very unique stone, also referred to as green amethyst, and is particularly good at opening and balancing the heart chakra, and putting it in perfect alignment with the other energy centers in your body. This is a stone of the heart, because it is able to connect the physical aspects of the self, with the spiritual aspects of your higher self, something that very few gemstones are capable of. This stone gets to the bottom of who you are as a person, and helps you find appreciation of love for yourself if you have been lacking in confidence and self esteem. Connecting to higher divine source and promoting self healing is much easier when you incorporate this stone into your healing work and meditation sessions.

This listing is for one piece of this beautiful raw prasiolite.