Natural Raw Zebra Calcite


Zebra calcite is a combination of black, white and cream colored calcite material, a stone that comes to us from Pakistan. This is a lower chakra balancer, working on aligning the root chakra and promotion grounded, centered, focused energy work. In addition, this is a stone of light and dark integration, reminding us to see different perspectives, but also to acknowledge the dualistic nature that exists in everyone, including ourselves. Working with our shadow side helps us to bring to light things that have not been handled. When you have zebra jasper, meditate with it or keep it near to you when you want to start bringing to the surface the repressed experiences from your life that you may have not been ready to focus on, so that you can start processing them and healing from those experiences in your present life.

This is a grounded and protective root chakra stone that can assist you with transforming the negative experiences or aspects of your life into useful, powerful tools to achieve more through wisdom. It is my hope for you that when you start to see your past as a beacon of knowledge that can be applied to your present and future, that you see yourself differently, in a clear, positive and focused way. 

 This listing is for one, natural raw zebra calcite.