Rhodochrosite Polished Tumbled Stones



These are totally my go to stones for working with heart issues relating to love. If you are ending a relationship and need to heal from hurtful situations, you will want some of these stones to pull you through and get you to an acceptance state where you can move forward and start to welcome new love into your life again. We, as humans are inclined to fold in upon ourselves, holding onto pain and hurt, and creating a barrier between ourselves and others so as to protect ourselves from any further pain or emotional trauma. This is understandable. It's our nature, but it took me a very long time to understand that it's also extremely detrimental to personal growth. Rhodochrosite, with its intricate banding and patterning, allows us to feel again. These are stones that work directly on your Heart Chakra, and manifest new love and relationships into your life!

This listing is for one piece of this beautiful Rhodochrosite tumbled stones.