Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stones



Ruby in zoisite is one of my favorite gemstone combinations, bringing together the self love, bring love back into your life when you need it the most, and yet covet you in an incredible amount of spiritual protection. If you suffer from mood swings, this is an excellent combination of patience and passion, helping you to not over react to situations. Understanding grief, loss and being able to be compassionate for others, is a gift that ruby in zoisite really helps you to acquire. Processing your heart chakra emotions, and releasing pain and anger, are more easily achieved when you incorporate this stone into your healing work. This is an excellent stone for those who are under a lot of stress, and even for those with chronic high blood pressure, as it is a calming combination of energetic passion and love, yet it brings calming and understanding into your life. This stone allows you to find ways to express yourself in a positive way, helping you maintain your individuality, even when you are in settings where you have to do a lot of conforming. This is a stone that I believe helps me to make life more bearable, as it is capable of absorbing and transmuting the negative energy around you into ignitable fuel for your passion!

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.