African Turquoise Tumbled Stones


I am extremely excited to be offering these beautiful, gemmy large high quality South African Turquoise tumbles to all of you! Interestingly, this is a unique, stone of it's own, and not one of the official turquoise stone classes, even though it often gets confused and is sold and purchased as turquoise. South African turquoise is actually a rare form of blue/green speckled jasper, and is known to metaphysical people as the "stone of evolution." Very different from the metaphysical properties of turquoise, this stone is useful as a stone of personal growth and transformation, aiding in positive change and development. This stone will open your mind to new possibilities, new ideas and a new way of living. A soul awakening stone, these palm stones will ignite your inner self from it's slumber, and encourage you to explore all things new. Successful balance and harmonious prosperity will be much easier to attain. A third eye healing stone, be prepared to feel like you can take on new challenges, as you start on a new journey in your life more confidently. Obtaining wisdom from your higher self, and connecting with your elder ancestors and spiritual guides to develop your spiritual self to seek your highest and best potential in life, you will probably find these stones to be an essential part of your collection once you begin working with them.

This listing is for one South African Turquoise tumbled stone.