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Every month we connect with millions of customers, teaching and using crystal healing for the betterment and enrichment of their lives. A major part of our work is ensuring that the vendors, miners, suppliers and connections we have are sacredly sourced and vetted.

Each and every partner vendor we work with must uphold strong honesty, character, ethics and a dedication to bringing healing and love through their work. We have a passion for connection and expect the same from our vendor partners and suppliers. We vet each of our sources for care in their work relationships and services, environmental stewardship and fair ethical workforce dealings in regards to labor conditions.

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Feel free to send us an email below. Please be sure to include what you do, how you started, and what is important to your business mission. How do you ensure that your business values are represented every day in your operational work with customers, suppliers, creators and team members? If we are interested in your product, we will reach out to you for further evaluation.


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We vet and source our suppliers to ensure that they uphold the principles of business that we hold near and dear to us. The offering of sacred tools, crystals and gemstones from the most reputable sources in the industry is one of our top priorities.

We have internal policies we use to vet suppliers that engage in fair labor, honest business ethics and fair trade practices. We believe in doing business with those who hold the same high standards we have in regards to labor conditions, and ensuring that workers receive fair compensation for the products that they produce. When we feel a dispute is arising in a region, or labor and trade matters have become a concern; we refuse to carry those products and discontinue our relationship with that vendor supplier.

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