Charoite Tumbled Stone


Charoite is a stone of deep transformation and love. It‘s a soul stone with big bold energy. Charoite is full of emotional healing, spiritual strength, and helps to regulate us in the best of ways. For those who want a gem with high vibrations and the divine touch, Charoite could be it. Healers, sages, and those who work in the psychic realms (either with past lives or angels) all adore Charoite as it helps to create a space for the integration of energy.

Charoite is big spiritual energy. This potent purple gem can cleanse your higher chakras – removing blockages from the heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra too. By cleansing the aura and opening our upper chakras, puts us in the perfect place to receive uplifting positive energies. Even beyond the open-hearted love, the wisdom of the third eye, and the universal connection from the crown, Charoite also helps us to adjust to a higher frequency which can expand our consciousness and even awaken a desire in us to ‘be at service’ to the world at large. Charoite connects us to individuals, dualities, and Mother Gaia.

This listing is for one Charoite Tumble, intuitively pulled for you.