Copper Tumbled Stones of Conduction



One of the most sacred metals, copper is the harmonic stone of love and sex, and an incredibly alchemical stone for conducting spiritual energy. Much like copper is a perfect conductor for heat and electricity, it's ability to direct and amplify your energy, thoughts and spiritual communication abilities is unsurpassed. Restrictions that we have put upon ourselves are capable of holding us back, even when we don't realize it. Copper used in ritual is able to remove those chains we have put on ourselves, allowing us to dive deep into our path work and self discovery process, a large part of what makes the shadow season such a tremendously important time of the year. The search for what is real, and the ability to balance the physical and astral versions of ones self, placing all of the levels of our conscientiousness into perfect alignment, makes copper one of the most powerful metals available to us. If you have lost items, it is believed to help you recover them, so keeping a piece of two of this tumbled natural copper with you is an excellent idea. Copper attracts to you what you are manifesting, so drawing wealth, abundance, and positive energy your way is a great benefit. Associated with the heart and sacral chakras, you may find it easier to connect sex and love in a completely new way then you ever have before.

This listing is for one natural copper tumbled stone.

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.