Coppernite Tumbled Stones



Easily and often confused for Nuummite, Coppernite is mined in India, where Nuummite is only mined in Greenland. These are different stones, and when you hold them side by side you can see the differences. Coppernite is the stone of masculine energy. Many stones that we have here at Practical Magic Store cater well to the divine feminine, but this is one for masculine, gentle energy. Coppernite corresponds with the earth element, and holds fantastic grounding properties. This is a true root chakra stone. In fact, it has also been called black galaxy granite because so many people believe it holds a strong resemblance to the gold flecked granite counter tops seen in some homes! This strong stone is easing you into a perfectly grounded being, and should pair nicely with a divine feminine stone to balance the energies when you are doing healing or working on yourself!

This listing is for one Coppernite tumbled stone, random pull.