Chrysocolla and Malachite Ring



Malachite has been known by many healers as "transformation stones" as they are used for deep chakra and energy cleansing. Each stone is unique in it's patterns and markings, and is excellent for activating the solar plexus chakra, and working in coordination with the heart chakra to allow you to achieve the personal healing needed to transform your life. Emotions are brought to the surface, as these stones work on an extremely deep level to get to the root of the cause of your issues, so that you can heal from the inside outward. It is believed that malachite provides protection to children, as well as from radioactivity, by absorbing pollution and creating a shield. I place malachite in my home in the rooms where I have many electrical devices, like my office and near my television. This is also a very well known stone for use in women's health, especially reproductive issues. This is a stone that holds onto, and absorbs, a lot of the negative energy and emissions, so please remember to cleanse it frequently.

Chrysocolla is very connected to the throat and heart chakras, working specifically on giving you the self confidence to speak your truth and educate others on knowledge you have acquired. It is an excellent stone for teachers, making communication with students and the sharing of knowledge much easier. Musicians and performers also find this stone to be a must have for their collection, helping them to have more confidence in their public performances. Chrysocolla is the stone of the Goddess. You will feel her ancient, powerful energy come alive within yourself when you start working with it!

This listing is for one Chrysocolla and Malachite Ring.