Dalmatian Jasper Mini Sphere


This beautiful dalmatian jasper comes to us directly from India. A multi purpose stone, when you hold it up to the light, you will see that its spots and markings are a variety of hues of cream, brown, and black, reminding you of its shamanistic animal side. This stone helps you to connect with your animal totems, as well as calm and soothe animals if you are working with them in some capacity, so it is an excellent healer's stone! In addition, if you are someone who finds it hard to concentrate because you are constantly thinking, keeping this stone with you will help to bring things back into focus and ground you. In times of trouble, this is the stone to have by your side, as it lets you analyze situations and decide what action is best to take. Dalmatian Jasper helps you to see things from many different viewpoints, and can keep you calm when you are facing stressful circumstances. The dark spots of this stone are tourmaline inclusions, so naturally this stone will cleanse your auric field and dispel negativity from your immediate surrounding! This stone can take you back to your inner child, restoring and bringing back your playful side! If you are feeling tired and a little down, let dalmatian jasper into your life to liven up your spirit!