Sunstone Tumbled Stones



If you are looking for a stone to bring the warmth and sunny happiness back into your life in a real, meaningful way, this is the stone for you. Add it to your sacred space and medicine kit. This is a stone that harnesses the magical abilities of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. The spectacular sparkle that lies just beneath the surface of this stone resonates the feeling of warmth and love, confidence and days of splendor. On your most challenging days, this stone serves as a glittering, positive reminder that you should keep optimistic and stay positive. Bright, sunny days are ahead. Gloomy days do not last forever. It is easy to get caught up in lower energy vibration feelings, but sunstone radiates refracting light from within it, shimmering from all it's different angles.

This is another one of the stones I keep in my arsenal of happiness and YOLO stones, and one that I feel particularly strongly about promoting to others and our customers in helping with issues of depression. If you can find this stone in a piece of jewelry, scoop it up quickly to keep near to you during the day. If you need to take charge of a situation, or need to become more organized, this is a great stone for helping give you the clarity you need to move forward in the appropriate manner for everyone involved. This is a perfect stone for those who are working on harnessing their greatest potential, accepting who they are as a person, and improving their mindset through positive affirmation meditation.

This listing is for one polished sunstone gemstone.

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.