Red Goldstone Bracelets


If you feel like you have been struggling to find motivation, feeling like life has lost its luster, or even feeling as if you personally don't have the confidence to promote yourself to success, Red Goldstone is a stone that you should be using in your magical work, specifically for meditation. Calling upon our elder ancestors and spirit guides, this stone is capable of propelling you into a different mental state, one that pushes you to move forward to achieve the things you have lately been feeling are impossible. The sparkles found in Goldstone actually come from Copper inclusions, so they take on both their own magical abilities, as well as those of Copper, making it a very powerfully charged stone. A powerful Root Chakra healing stone, when you incorporate this stone into your daily energy work, you will notice an almost immediate improvement to your attitude and mood, as well as your optimism for the future.

This listing is for one red goldstone bracelet.

Gemstone bracelets are available in hundreds of stones at Practical Magic. We are firm believers in adorning yourself daily with the gifts of Gaia. Intentionally choosing your jewelry daily is a part of dressing your most sacred space, your personal body. Isn't it amazing that mother earth grows her own jewelry? Using your stones for their metaphysical properties is super easy when you have them available in jewelry form! You can stack bracelets to help you with multiple intentions! Have fun!