Shiva Lingam Tumbled Stones



Shiva Lingam stones are some of the most powerful Sacral Chakra stones available anywhere in the world. These are stones of incredible energy, capable of awakening and activating your Kundalini energy. These are sexual wake up stones. If you want to re-awaken your sexual energy, I cannot say more adamantly that you need this in your life. The sacral chakra center isn't just for sex, it's also in charge of passion and creativity. The ignition of all things that excite us is held within the sacral chakra, so if you are feeling like you are bored, tired of the same old thing, or need some spicing up, this is a stone that can spark that creativity you need to put you back on track. Historically, it has also quite frequently been used as a fertility stone, so it is also excellent to have in your possession if you are trying to become pregnant, or gift to a friend trying. These stones are collected from India, by villagers, and are hand polished to produce this smooth finish. Capable of healing your reproductive system, they are also believed to be good at healing impotence and fertility issues. These are sacred stones to India, and should be sacred stones in your sacred space as well.

This listing is for one tumbled shiva lingam stone, which we will select for you.