Natural Red Star Aragonite Cluster


We are so pleased to have these natural red star aragonite clusters back in stock for you, all the way from Morocco. This is a stone of the root chakra, a stone of earth healing, grounding and centering. As subtle as this stone can be, it's a gentle nudge to remain focused, to release pain and fear from your life, and to give and receive love from your core.

If you are working on healing in any capacity, starting at the root chakra, and working the lower chakras first, is an excellent place to start. When you hold this stone your hands, admire it's unique geometry, it's interesting form and the gift that it is to us from mother earth. Imagine a crimson red thin glistening strand coming from it and flowing all the way through your feet, through the root chakra and down to make contact with the earth star chakra. Feel the beautiful, stable energy, the movement of energy back and forth from this strand, your hands and the earth star chakra below your feet. Breathe in and out slowly, maintaining focus and calm. Send love out to the world and mother earth and feel her send love back to you.

This listing is for one natural red star aragonite cluster.